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There is so much to experience in and around the cities of Zeeland throughout the year. Visit beautiful historic places in cities such as Middelburg, Veere and Zierikzee, adorned with their monumental buildings and picturesque streets. You can visit approximately 33 museums.

There are also many fun filled attractions for both young and old, and of course there are countless activities for water sports enthusiasts. In short, Zeeland has everything you need for a wonderful stay.

Neeltje Jans

Come to Zeeland, enjoy a day filled with sea animals, spectacular attractions and view all the Delta Works! The Neeltje Jans Deltapark  is situated in a prime location in the middle of the sea, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Zeeland…

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Manege Grol

Less than 100 meters from the Renesse Hotel you will find Manege Grol which provides various outdoor trips on the beach, through the forests and the dunes along with lessons and activities.

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The Watersnoodmuseum is housed in the four caissons, which was used to close the last gap in the dike, following the flood of 1953. The museum is located on the seawall, south of the village Ouwerkerk.

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Do you ever wonder what the world looks like under the water and what it would be like to swim amongst the colourful fish? Then get acquainted with the diving! You do not necessarily have to travel to tropical countries; as this is also possible in Zeeland, with one of the most popular diving spots in Western Europe!

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