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Dykes from which you can marvel at birds feasting on water and on mud-flats. But also beach, dunes, forest, sea and the gentle polders with beautiful villages. Schouwen-Duiveland is truly a jewel of Zeeland.

Hiking in Zeeland

With its diversity of nature and culture, Zeeland is an absolute paradise for hikers. Hike freely in one of the many nature reserves, stroll along the beach, or take part in a discovery tour with GPS. Whether a walking tour or a walking holiday: Zeeland is at your feet…

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Tureluur Plan

Oosterschelde National Park is a world of tides, winds, and especially water, lots of water. Low tide is swallowed up and the plains disappear once again when the tide rises, …

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Rondje Pontje

You yourself can determine the best routes between the departure points of the ferries, using the cycle route network. You can also make this a longer (multi-day) trip,…

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Scavenger hunts, beachcombing and other exciting tours

The largest forest in Zeeland lies in Westerschouwen. Experience the evening in the forest. At dusk, the roe deer leave their shelter in search of herbs and acorns,…

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Nature & excursions

Zeeland’s nature reserves such as the Kwade Hoek, Prunje, Westerschouwen, Oosterschelde, Oranjezon, the Zwin and the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe are wonderful places to explore. With a guide you will experience so much more than what you would by yourself. A good reason for you to join a nature excursion…

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